Operating Instructions* and Performance Examples

Safety Gear

The operator should wear heat protective safety apparel, gloves, and a welder's mask (preferably with the 4 1/2" x 5 1/4" No. 5 or No. 6 shade).  When piercing concrete, rock, or refractory material, wear protective coat and pants.  Safety rules must be followed and precautions taken at all times.

Set Up

Connect our Thermolance/Oxygen Lance Holder to a proper hose (3/8" minimum) that is connected to an oxygen supply.  It is important that there are no leaks anywhere.  Insert the plain end of the lance into the holder and hand tighten the cap.  Depending on conditions, the experienced operator may adjust his pressure setting from 75 P.S.I.


Before ignition, be properly positioned for maximum utilization and safety.

To ignite the Thermolance/Oxygen Lance, open the holder control valve just enough to allow a slight flow of oxygen through the lance.  Heat 3/4" of the end to a red hot temperature.  After it ignites, immediately turn the oxygen supply on fully.  The lance will then burn vigorously.  The lance can be extinguished by closing the valve and can be used again when required (an oxygen acetylene torch is often the most expedient method to start ignition).

When using Thermolanceto pierce concrete, rock, or refractory, apply slight pressure with the Thermolance against the material.  When the thickness exceeds 8", keep the Thermolance moving in a circular motion in order to prevent jamming.  When cutting metals, keep the end of the Thermolance very close to or against the material.  Where possible, start at the top and wash the molten metal downward.  Maintain a kerf wide enough to prevent the Thermolance from binding on the sides.

Thermolance Performance Examples

  • One 3/8" x 10' 6" bar consumes an average of 60 cubic feet of oxygen.

  • A temperature in excess of 5000 Fahrenheit can be reached.

  • Average burn time is approximately 4 minutes per bar during which it should penetrate at least 2 feet of reinforced concrete.

  • Will cut through 4 inches of steel plate in approximately 6 seconds.

* Disclaimer

The above instructions are for illustration only and should not be construed as complete and thorough operating instructions.  They are intended merely to be informational and illustrative and used for the purpose of getting a general understanding of the basic details involved in using our product.

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